Monday, May 28, 2018

May 29th

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  I was blessed with the opportunity to join the 5th graders on their trip to Osaka.  It was nice to learn more about Japanese history and do some sightseeing in a different part of Japan.  The students seemed to enjoy having Mr. Reed as the substitute teacher. 

Here are some updates:

  • No spelling List 
  • Learning the difference between fact and opinion (Reading)
  •  Geometry (Math), learning about the different attributes of different polygons.
  • Fairy Tales (Writing), writing adaptations to a well known fairy tale
  • Space (Science)
  • Colonial America (Social Studies) 
  • Learning about Joshua (Bible)
  • I will be sending home information about a class party on Wednesday
Praying for a smooth finish to the end of the school year.  Have a great week!

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