Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy Easter!

I pray that everyone had a restful and enjoyable Easter and Spring Break!   I know that I had a great time getting some much needed rest and family time! 

We had a great week last week with the Culture Fair.  You should be proud of your child on the work they did to learn about the country that they were researching.  They did a nice job working with others, problem solving and creating their projects at home.  I am so proud of the way the presented their information to the younger students at OCSI.  What a wonderful way to show all that they have learned about their country. 

This week we will be learning how to make and interpet different types of graphs in math and learning how to measure to the nearest 1/4 of an inch and 1/2 inch. 

We will be diving into how to write persuasive speeches.  Last week we presented our first speech to Mrs. Roe to convince her that we should have a party to celebrate our accomplishments after the MAP testing.  We convinced her with the quick writing of our first persuasive speeches.  Now each student will be working toward writing their own speech on a topic they pick. 

In Social Studies we will be learning about Native Americans and how they lived before the English settlers arrived in 1492.  We will be learning about the different houses that they lived in, how they survived and their different cultures. 

I sent home information on the dates for our MAP test.  This test is one way for use to measure your child's progress academically.  I look forward to seeing them do their best and showing all that they have accomplished so far this year.  We will be taking our Math Map test on April 12th and our Reading Test on April 13th.  Please ensure that your child get plenty of rest the night before the test. 

I hope you all enjoyed having Flat Stanley join your family on your adventures this past week.  Please send me pictures and tell have your child tell a little bit about where they traveled. 

Thank you so much for all you do at home!  Have a blessed week!

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