Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9th Updates

We had a great week of Reading.  We had Mrs. Lloyd come into our classroom as a guest reader, we dressed up as a character from a book, and had a great time at reading night.  I hope your child experienced the joy of reading last week.

This week we had a busy week working on our country fair projects in class.  Please encourage your student do do some research and learning about their country at home as well.  They are to make a model of the topic they were assigned:  architecture, fashion, jewelry, music and toy/games from their country.  This is a great way for them to learn all about the topic and demonstrate what they have learned.

In math, we have moved onto measurement.  The students had fun estimating if something weighed more or less than a kilogram.  Next week we will be working with telling time to the minute, and learning about telling how much time passed during an activity. We are working toward a ice cream sundae buy taking multiplication timed test each day.  Encourage your child to learn and practice their multiplication facts.

In Reading, we continued to compare and contrast from last week.  This next week we will be talking about prefixes and suffixes.  Understanding prefixes and suffixes will help students better understand the meaning of words and easily recognize words.

Writing we are finishing our information writing this upcoming week.  Then we will be moving on to persuasive writing.

I sent home a note about the culture fair luncheon, a book order form and a student led conference sheet.  Please return the student led conference sheet as soon as possible, this will help me to know if I need to reschedule your appointment.

Have a great weekend! 

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