Sunday, October 22, 2017

Welcoming a new week!

Here are some of the thing we will be covering this next week:

In reading we will be using the strategy making connections.  While reading students will be asked to make connections between what they are reading and themselves, other text and the world.  This will help them to better understand the information or story that they are reading.  This is the mini anchor chart we will be using in our reading notebooks.
In writing we are working on writing personal narratives.  We will be talking about editing as you go and working on spelling words correctly.  We will continue to work on showing our story not telling it.
In math, we just finished our chapter on understanding multiplication.  This week we will be review the information we learned in chapter 1-3 and taking a benchmark test.  This is just another tool for me to see what the students are understand, what we still need to work on a bit more and which students need an extra challenge.
Social studies we will be working in groups to research a topic in our Roman Empire study.  Each students will be expected to share 2 pieces of information on their topic, come up with a question and share about two vocabulary words that they learned while learning about their topic.  Here are a few pictures from working on our groups for Social Studies.

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